Introducing the Nourish Ventures Group

2021 has been a very exciting and productive year for the team behind the Nourish Awards.

Behind the scenes, we have undergone a reorganisation, including an updated brand for the Nourish Awards and creating an additional – consumer facing brand “Love Nourish”.
In order to manage them both from the same company, we created the Nourish Ventures Group.

What does this mean for you?
The Nourish Awards will continue as usual so the only change you will see is our emails and payment collector, data processor changed to Nourish Ventures Group Ltd.
We are excited to be launching the 5th year of our health food awards in 2022 as always, continuing the goal and mission of the Nourish Awards – that is to recognise and support small business owners who are producing healthy food and beverage products to consumers.

Love Nourish
However, what is even more exciting now for our award entrants now, is that they also have the opportunity to be included in our new Love Nourish monthly subscription box! The box was created not only to showcase and highlight the amazing products we see in the awards every year but also to introduce them to consumers directly, acting as a sample box if you like.
Every month the boxes follow a theme and we curate a selection of products including primarily nourish awards finalists and winners wherever possible.
In the box, we also include article and recipe cards – penned mostly by the producers themselves – printed by us. Subscribers are able to keep this content and keep returning to your site directly to purchase products they enjoyed in their boxes.

Join the nourish awards community, win an award and have your product featured in one of our boxes!

Nourish Ventures Group is, still headed up by Diana – is delighted to be able to share this news with our wonderful community and can’t wait to let you know about all the exciting plans we have for 2022!

Wishing all 2022 entrants good luck in a hope we can return to real life Gala events this year! Fingers crossed 🙂

The Nourish Team