Why the Nourish Awards?

One of our aims at the Nourish Awards is to raise awareness to the amount of sugar and artificial additives that’s in our food.

According to official statistics there are over 18 million people with pre-diabetes in the UK and childhood obesity is on the rise. We all need healthier food options and a lot less sugar but replacing them with artificial sweeteners is not a good option. For this reason we have not permitted the use of any artificial sweeteners, flavour enhancers and additives in the Nourish Awards entries.



Nourish Awards logo

Nourish Awards logo

Why gluten and dairy free?

Today over 35% of UK shoppers buy “free-from” food for various reasons.

Our criteria makes the the majority of Nourish Awards finalists and winners suitable for people who wish to exclude or reduce the amount of processed grains and dairy in their diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. These foods can also be enjoyed by people with coeliac disease, gluten intolerance, wheat allergy, IBS, milk allergy, lactose intolerance, insulin resistance plus vegans and followers of the paleo and low-carb lifestyles.


Helping people to make better food choices

There are plenty of delicious, healthy foods available out there but they are hard to find and most people don’t know about them. We envisage the Nourish Awards logo to become a recognised symbol of wholesome, nourishing food and make the choice for consumers easier.

Most would think, that there aren’t many products out there like that – but that is not true. There are thousands of businesses in the UK who make products that fit our criteria. We hope that numbers will grow over the coming years and these wonderful products will become “mainstream”.

The Awards Gala is about recognising and thanking to those wonderful and passionate producers who work tirelessly to create nutritious food. We also hope to encourage others food producers to follow suit by reducing the amount of sugar and artificial additives in their products.


Special Awards

We love organic food and believe that our planet should be here for future generations to enjoy. Food production, delivery and packaging can have a negative impact on our environment and communities across the globe.

Our Special Awards recognise food producers who use sustainable energy, follow high standards in animal welfare, sustainable and ethical farming, use recycled materials for packaging, electric cars for delivery or do something else in order to minimise the impact of their product on the environment or give something back perhaps by using Fairtrade and organic ingredients or donate a portion of their profits to charity.

The Innovation Award is presented to the producer whose product the judges found the most groundbreaking across the board.