The UK’s leading health food awards

In 2017, we set out to celebrate a new generation of health foods in the UK – meeting current consumer demand and advocating a healthier lifestyle. Our aim, is to help and support health food brands and businesses by providing the recognition they deserve, which can help with getting that crucial investment, open doors to supermarkets and ultimately get your product off the shelves.

We are looking for real and natural food products, with most of our categories accepting gluten free options alone. We are looking for nutritious, low-sugar or refined sugar free options, products that are free from artificial additives and sweeteners. The special awards champion organic & ethical products and the prestigious Innovation Award goes to the most innovative product each year.

We love showcasing our finalists and winners across our social media pages and run a Public Vote to support consumer awareness. Products with the most votes win the People’s Choice Award.

Our judges are professionals from the health & fine food sector with the majority of our judges holding a qualification in the field of nutrition and are practising nutritionists.

The Nourish Gala used to be a fabulous live event and dinner, presented by the wonderful Naomi Devlin at the Cheltenham Racecourse. In 2020 we switched to a new online format which was very well received. In 2021 we will have a full evening interactive online Gala in September – where the winners will be announced.

Nourish Award winners receive the Nourish winners logo and a PR kit to maximise the benefits of winning. Certificates, labels, trophy and other goods can be ordered from our website.

The Awards were founded by Diana Murphy in 2018 – mum, foodie & entrepreneur. Diana is a coeliac and has been working in the free-from industry for a number of years as a marketer, influencer and free-from food expert. Her own journey with food, nutrition and through her work that she decided that a credible health food award was needed in order to recognise the new generation of amazing products we are seeing today as part of the “health revolution”. She is an experienced judge herself (Free From Food Awards, Free From Eating out Awards, Paleo Awards) speaker (London Allergy Show) and contributed many recipes over the years to various publications (Free From Heaven Magazine, Gluten Free heaven, The little rainbow book of recipes). Diana is passionate about healthy eating, nutrition and child nutrition; loves trying new foods and experiment with new ingredients. She lives in the Cotswolds with her son and currently studying a Diploma course in Culinary Medicine.

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“People often ask me why I started the Nourish Awards. It was the result of my personal journey with food and also my work in the free-from & marketing industry. Having coeliac; difficulties with dairy and some major issues with sugar balance, a brush with pre-diabetes, fertility, IVF and hormonal problems took me on a journey of discovering food and learn more about nutrition and how our bodies work.
My aim was to find the best products, by working with the best judges to provide that all important recognition great businesses and products deserve. They teach us, that we always have a choice and take the healthier option. It’s my mission to play my part in small way and help businesses to succeed! Winning an award might help with getting that crucial investment, open doors to supermarkets and ultimately get your product in front of consumers and off the shelves.
I couldn’t be more excited about the 4th Awards season, trying all the foods and be amazed by so much innovation!!”