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Nourish Ventures Group

Created in 2021 the new Nourish Ventures Group includes the UK Nourish Awards (previously Nourish Awards Ltd) currently with three chapters and Love Nourish, our consumer facing brand.

What are the Nourish Awards?

We are the UK’s leading health food awards known in the industry for having the toughest entry criteria and judging process. Product entries are required to be made without gluten containing ingredients in almost all categories and in many cases free-from dairy.

There are no such restrictions in the Nourish Kids Awards – we are simply looking for healthy options for children. There is a massive gap on the market here, so we want to be at the forefront of recognising great products that are created for children.

We request all entered products to be low or lower in sugar or to contain no refined sugars at all. We are looking for foods without artificial additives, chemical sweeteners and all around less processing. We want to see a more natural product that is nutritious, healthy and tastes amazing! At nourish, we give a special award to the best organic, best ethical and the most innovative products too.

Yes, that’s a tough criteria to hit! But over the past 4 years we have seen hundreds of products enter the awards –we received over 260 entries from more than 100 producers in 2021 alone! We are in awe at the innovation and quality that we see every single year. Products that won in 2018 for being innovative are becoming mainstream today! That’s great news! It means that we are going in the right direction collectively, and that is what we are here to celebrate!


We believe that food can be our medicine and we advocate a healthier lifestyle and diet for both adults and children.

We are passionate about championing businesses big and small who share our values and passion by providing them with the recognition they deserve.

Winning a Nourish Award might help with getting that crucial investment; it may open doors to a supermarket listing; entrants usually get great press – we even help with the press release! Our People’s Choice Award (voted by the public) creates a great social media buzz every year. Ultimately, our mission is to get great products in front of consumers and off the shelves. Having a Nourish Awards winners label on a product will set it apart from its competitors and reassures consumers about the quality, taste and nutritional benefits.


There are many awards out there today including a number of really great food awards. Our founder Diana has judged a number of them herself over the years however, she felt there should be an award dedicated for healthy products alone. As a coeliac herself, Diana struggled to find products that are not only gluten free but also very low in sugar and contain nourishing and natural ingredients; products that are higher in fibre and protein and contain less starch which most gluten free products tend to be guilty of.

That’s what sets the Nourish Awards apart – we are not only looking for outstanding quality, we are also looking for innovation, nourishment and sound nutrition from our entrants.


The outstanding, knowledgeable judges are at the heart of the Nourish Awards. Our judges are qualified on the field of nutrition, food production, fitness, wellness and cookery – they know exactly how to read labels, so there is no fooling them!

Our judges have authored cookery books, they teach courses or present on radio, television or have their own podcasts – so they know how to make food that’s not only good for you but tastes really amazing too!

On a typical judging day, a panel of 6-8 judges would sample over 50 products! They will score them first to create a shortlist and after discussing them they will rank them in order of preference before selecting the winners.

Love Nourish – connecting with consumers

In 2021 December, we launched our sister brand: Love Nourish. This is the consumer facing part of the Nourish Ventures Group, the important part where we connect producers with consumers. Love Nourish is a new subscription box concept; a box curated by our team including mostly Nourish Awards winning or shortlisted products.

The boxes are a great way to introduce consumers to new ideas and ingredients and we also include articles, recipes and information about where they can purchase these products from. This is a great step towards achieving our mission and helping not only producers and small businesses but also helping consumers to eat and live a healthier lifestyle by making more informed purchasing decisions.

The Awards were founded by Diana Babics in 2018 – mum, foodie & entrepreneur. Diana is a coeliac and has been working in the free-from industry for a number of years as a marketer, influencer and free-from food expert. Her own journey with food, nutrition and through her work that she decided that a credible health food award was needed in order to recognise the new generation of amazing products we are seeing today as part of the “health revolution”. She is an experienced judge herself (Free From Food Awards, Free From Eating out Awards, Paleo Awards) speaker (London Allergy Show) and contributed many recipes over the years to various publications (Free From Heaven Magazine, Gluten Free heaven, The little rainbow book of recipes). Diana is passionate about healthy eating, nutrition and child nutrition; loves trying new foods and experiment with new ingredients. She lives in the Cotswolds and currently studying a Diploma course in Culinary Medicine.

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“People often ask me why I started the Nourish Awards. It was the result of my personal journey with food and also my work in the free-from & marketing industry. My aim was to find the best products, by working with the best judges to provide that all-important recognition great businesses and products deserve. It’s my mission to play my part in a small way and help businesses to succeed!”
– Diana Babics, Nourish Awards founder