Sponsor the 2021 Nourish Awards!

An amazing opportunity to get involved!

The Nourish Awards is about passion and love for healthy food & nutrition and supporting those entrepreneurs and businesses who create products we can all benefit from. It’s about supporting businesses, families, mums and dads, start-ups and organisations who work tirelessly not only to create a good product but to put them in front of consumers. Recognising their hard work, supporting them on the way and being part of their journey is what the Nourish Awards is all about.

If you feel your brand or business can support the idea, if you have something to give, something that makes this journey easier we would love to hear from you.

Digital package

We have created a fantastic digital sponsorship pack for the 2021 award season! 

Ask for our sponsorship pack from Diana Murphy on 01453 763278 diana@nourishawards.org

Deborah MeadenWe were honoured when Deborah Meaden decided to support the awards and took part in the Special Awards judging in 2018! Thank you!!

Why did you decide to become involved and judge the Nourish awards?

“The whole clean eating issue has never been more important for personal health and wider indications for the planet. I thought it was really important to get involved. My position on Dragon’s Den means that I have a voice and should use it.

“I have often talked about the issue of clean eating to friends but my role in helping to judge the Nourish Awards means I can have the chance to support it publicly.”

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