Sponsor the 2019 Nourish Awards!

An amazing opportunity to get involved!

The Nourish Awards is about passion and love for healthy food & nutrition and supporting those entrepreneurs and businesses who create products we can all benefit from. It’s about supporting businesses, families, mums and dads, start-ups and organisations who work tirelessly not only to create a good product but to put them in front of consumers. Recognising their hard work, supporting them on the way and being part of their journey is what the Nourish Awards is all about.

If you feel your brand or business can support the idea, if you have something to give, something that makes this journey easier we would love to hear from you.

Deborah MeadenWe were honoured when Deborah Meaden decided to support the awards and took part in the Special Awards judging in 2018! Thank you!!

Why did you decide to become involved and judge the Nourish awards?

“The whole clean eating issue has never been more important for personal health and wider indications for the planet. I thought it was really important to get involved. My position on Dragon’s Den means that I have a voice and should use it.

“I have often talked about the issue of clean eating to friends but my role in helping to judge the Nourish Awards means I can have the chance to support it publicly.”

Read full interview with Deborah

2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Goodie Bag Inclusion

Add a product sample and / or product literature to the goodie bags.

Goode Bag Inclusion

Include product samples or literature in our goodie bag at the Gala

  • £250 / 100 goodie bag
  • £100 / 100 goodie bag for award entrants

You will be responsible for sending all literature and products to us 7 days before the Gala (12th September).

Award Sponsor

Support Award entries and the Nourish Awards

£1,000 – 10 available (3 sold)

  • Logo at Gala program, media wall, award presentation, tables etc.
  • Opportunity to present an award on stage
  • Display signage at the Gala (bring your banners)
  • Speaking slot at Gala (5 min) – go on stage an introduce your business to the audience
  • Opportunity to add products or literature to the goodie bag
  • Complementary Gala tickets
  • Logo on e-newsletters pre-and post event
  • Social media, website and newsletter features
  • Opportunity to guest – blog on the Awards website

Special Awards Sponsor

Show your support for organic, ethical, & sustainable food production and product innovation

Best Organic, Best Ethical and Innovation Award

One available – £1,900

  • Show your support for organic, ethical and sustainable food production
  • Highlighted from Awards Sponsors as the “Special Awards Sponsor”
  • Everything included as in Award Sponsor package
  • Present the 3 special awards to the winners (Organic, Ethical, Innovation)
  • Take part in the special awards judging (if there is no conflict of interest)
  • Dedicated newsletter pre and post event (1)

Title Sponsor

Align your brand with Nourish Awards values

Title Sponsor

One available – £3,900

  • Everything that’s included in the “Award Sponsor”
  • Your name in the title – align your brand with the awards
  • Opportunity to provide the official award goodie bags branded
  • 15 minutes speaking slot on stage
  • Dedicated newsletters pre and post award to reach out to our audience directly (3)