Award Categories & Category Guide


GF – gluten free | DF – dairy free | RSF – refined sugar free


  1. Soups, Hot drinks & Broth (GF, DF, RSF) Any hot drinks including cacao, coffee, tea, any powder or liquid that hot drinks can be made from. Broth and soup of any kind.
  2. Health Drinks & Shots (GF, DF, RSF –  fermented products are permitted some sugar) Drinks consumed primarily for their health benefits.
  3. Soft drinks, juices & smoothies (GF, DF, RSF – must not be pasteurised or heated above 40C) Drinks consumed primarily for enjoyment or thirst.
  4. Snacks & Food to go (GF, DF, RSF)
  5. High Protein & Sports nutrition (GF, DF, RSF)
  6. Bread, Sweet & savoury bakes & mixes (GF, DF, RSF – savoury bakes and snacks may contain some sugar)
  7. Breakfasts (GF, DF, RSF) Any breakfast type food or food & drink that makes a good breakfast alternative or breakfast on the go. This could include breakfast smoothies, jam, bakery products, granola, cereals, honey etc.
  8. Pasta, Pizza, Convenience & Ready meals (GF, DF, RSF) A small amount of refined sugar is permitted in tomato based sauces. Entries in this category can be consumed as is or require only heating to prepare or in the case of pasta just cooking. Any ready pizza or pizza base with or without topping; any pasta; ready meals fresh or frozen, sandwiches, cooking sauces, noodle pots, salads etc.
  9. Dairy Alternatives (GF, DF, RSF – except fermented) All dairy free milk, cheese, yoghurt, kefir, desserts and ice-cream alternatives.
  10. Supplements (GF, DF, RSF) Any health, beauty or sport supplement in powder form, drink, snack etc.
  11. Dairy products with a difference (GF, RSF) Fermented products are permitted some sugar that is required for fermentation process. Milk, including raw milk, yoghurt, kefir, cheese, ice cream – all dairy based.
  12. For children (GF, RSF) Any food, drink, supplement, snack etc. created and marketed primarily for children or babies.
  13. Chocolate, confectionery & Desserts (GF, DF, RSF) Any chocolate including hot chocolate, chocolate desserts, bars, chocolate snacks, also any refined sugar free sweet treats that provide a good alternative to their sugary counterparts.
  14. Raw and Superfoods (GF, DF, RSF) Foods created without heating and made with raw ingredients. Superfoods can be any foods that are usually consumed for health benefits in addition to taste (eg goji berries, raw cacao, matcha, spirulina etc.) and products made with superfood ingredients.
  15. Gut Friendly & Fermented (GF, DF, RSF – fermented products are permitted some sugar)
  16. Beauty Food & Drink (GF, DF, RSF)
  17. Ingredients (GF, DF, RSF) Any cupboard or fridge essentials from condiments, sauces, oil, sweeteners, nuts & seeds, seasoning, the list goes on! We are looking for products that are versatile and can be used in different ways and or products that are super easy and useful to have.
  18. Freshly made / small producers (GF, DF, RSF) A category for small artisan producers that do not yet sell via supermarkets or many independent retailers. Foods are freshly made and not stored for long periods of time. Often made to order. Please note – no nutritional information is required here (but useful to have). If you are a small producer you can only enter into this category.
  19. Meat, Fish & Seafood (GF, DF) Any meat or fish based foods, fresh, snack, dried, biltong, sausages etc. Sugar is permitted.
  20. Reduced & Low Sugar, No added sugar & sugar free (GF, DF) Reduced sugar contains 30% less sugar than another product of its type and no more than 5% of its calorie content from free sugars; low sugar maximum of 2.5g of overall sugars per 100ml for a drink or 5g of overall sugars per 100g for a food. No added sugar can contain “naturally occurring sugars” and sugar free contains a maximum of 0.5g of total sugar per 100ml for a drink or 0.5g of total sugar per 100g for a food product.
  21. Coming Soon & International (GF, DF, RSF) Products that are still in development or not yet sold, or products that are not sold yet in the UK (at the time of shortlisting).
  22. Purely Plants (GF, RSF, VEGAN) Plant based alternatives.
  23. Paleo & Keto (GF, RSF, Grain & Legume free) Food, snacks, drinks, supplements that are designed or marketed as part of the paleo diet or primal living. High fat low-carb products that are designed to be part of a ketogenic diet. Whey and dairy is permitted.
  24. Disruptor (GF, DF, RSF) Old favourites that have been re-created to be healthier and different. An innovative or unusual twist, something unexpected.
  25. Wild Card – no restrictions. We are still looking for healthy, nutritious foods and drinks here.

If you have any questions or need any advice about which category your product suits best please get in touch with Diana on 01666 817 318 or send an email to team @ nourishawards. org