Nourish Kids Awards


    Welcome to the 3rd Nourish Kids Awards!

    We are excited to find and reward more food or beverage products that provide healthy alternatives for children (any age). If you have such product – this award is the one to win!


    The Nourish Kids Awards grew out of the main Awards, where we had a category dedicated for children’s food since 2018. We created the Nourish KIDS Awards in 2021 as a stand alone award chapter with its own categories to encourage healthy option for children and recognise products that achieve this.

    We love the innovation coming through in this chapter and it’s so important that the industry recognises the need to create suitable products with less processing, less sugar, more nutrition and creativity. Products that great and look good too.

    This chapter is judged in its full packaging, as creativity and branding is an important part of this market. We have both adult and a few children judging this chapter. Most adults are qualified in the field of nutrition, specialising in child nutrition or developed products for this market.

    We look forward to seeing your entries.


    Small Business

    £98 + VAT / for first category £54 + VAT for second category of the same product

    Medium & Large business (1.2M turnover or 20+ employees)

    £185 + VAT / for first category £95 +VAT for second category

    Event Details

    There are 8 categories to choose from this year.
    Each product can enter into the maximum of 2 categories – there is a discount on the second category for the same product.


    1. Baby food (under 18 month)

    2. Snacks & Toddler food

    3. Meals and portable meals

    4. Drinks

    5. Dairy products

    6. Plant based

    7. Free-from / School friendly (nut-free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, sesame free)

    8. Cupboard essentials

    2023 Nourish KIDS Awards Entry Guide

    Entries are open until the 26th May. Please check the categories, the FAQ and read through this guide before entering.


    We organise the judging at our custom designed premises with our in-house catering team. Our judging panel includes expert nutritionists and nutritional therapists and food industry experts. We also have a few children involved in the judging this year - children of our judges aged 10-14. Children will be judging alongside their parents providing extra feedback about the products.

    Judges taste all products and study the information including the list of ingredients and the nutrition. We use a combination of scores and ranking in order to determine the shortlist and the winners.

    We are looking for products that provide a healthy or healthier alternative than similar products on the market. Winning products deliver on taste, texture but also provide good nutrition, with high quality ingredients.

    All products are automatically entered into the Special Awards. The judges create the shortlist for the special awards from all entrants during the first round of judging. Winners will be determined from the shortlist based on scores, ranking and individual judges comments.

    - This Award is for packaged food, and beverage products that are typically sold in supermarkets, independent retail outlets or online – directly to consumers.

    - Products should provide a healthy option. We expect to see products that provide a good source of protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals – as well as being delicious and appeal to children.
    Our judges are looking for a good nutritional profile, a clean ingredients deck, low sugar and salt content; little or no artificial additives or chemical sweeteners and processing is to be kept to the minimum. Products must deliver on flavour and texture.

    - Each entry is for a single specific product and flavour, not for product lines and product ranges.
    - Products must be fully developed and in production
    - International entries are welcome (subject to additional costs eg. tax when sending samples for judging)
    - You may enter as many products as you like
    - Products previously entered into the awards can re-enter again
    - Entrants are responsible for sending the correct sample to the correct address
    - Entrants are responsible to send the required quantity of samples for our judges to try
    - No refund will be given to products that do not arrive on time; where incorrect product was sent or there were no sufficient amount of samples provided. These products will not be judged.
    - No refund will be given for products that have been discontinued after entries have closed (26th May) or samples are not available at the time of judging however, we may provide a discount for 2024 entry at our discretion.
    - All entry fees must be received by the organisers by the 31st May 2023. Entries not paid for by this date will not be judged.
    - Products will be prepared according to the instruction on the retail packaging
    - It is the responsibility of entrants to ensure that all samples sent are safe to consume and sent in chilled delivery (where required). The organisers reserve the right to discard any sample deemed to be unsafe to consume on arrival.
    - We cannot accept products that require specialist equipment to prepare such as pizza oven, dehydrator, coffee machine, BBQ etc. Permitted equipment are a conventional oven, microwave oven, blender, electric hob and a kettle. Chilled and frozen items are permitted.

    Food Entrepreneur, Founder of Hungry Little Bandits
    Registered Nutritionist, Organic food production expert
    Owner of Out To Launch
    Food Industry Expert, Founder of The Food Marketing Expert
    State Registered Dietitian, Fussy About Food
    Nutritionist & Naturopath, Peyton Principles
    Nutritionist, Presenter, Founder of
    Nutritional Therapist, Child Nutrition Expert, Author, Founder of The Health Kick
    Food Industry Expert & Entrepreneur, MD Visionary Food Solutions
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