Nourish Supps Awards

from April

supplement awards

The supplement and protein categories have been the biggest since the start of the awards in 2018. We created multiple categories however, we believe it’s time that supplements, meal replacements, protein powders etc. receive their own chapter. The judging criteria and process is very different from judging food and drink products and we work with judges who are experts in this field. We look forward to welcoming entries in this chapter in 2023.


Small Business

£98 + VAT / for first category £54 + VAT for second category of the same product

Medium & Large business (1.2M turnover or 20+ employees)

£185 + VAT / for first category £95 +VAT for second category

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Junius Co-Founder
Nutritional Therapist
Nutritionist, Presenter, Founder of
Nutritional Therapist, Child Nutrition Expert, Author, Founder of The Health Kick
Nutritionist & Naturopath, Co-Founder Invivo Therapeutics
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