What if my product contains gluten?

If your product contains gluten you need to enter it into the “Wild Card” Category. If you enter it into any other category it will be disqualified by the judges and moved to the “Wild Card” where it will be judged alongside other entries.

My product contains codex wheat. Can I enter?

Yes, codex wheat is permitted.

Who decides the winners?

The finalists and winners for each category will be chosen by our professional judging panel.

Special Award Winners will be shortlisted by our judging panel and the winners will be chosen by a different expert panel.

People’s Choice Award winners will be voted by the public.

When can I enter the Nourish Awards?

The 2020 Nourish Awards are open for entries 15 January – 31 March. Make sure you register your interest to receive a reminder when entries open.

Are de-glutenised products ok to enter?

Yes as long as there is no gluten remaining in the product.

Is there a Public Vote?

Yes, there is, although the public vote results are not combined with the results of the professional judging. The top 3 finalists who receive the highest number of votes during July and August will receive the People’s Choice Award.

Can I enter alcoholic drinks?

Yes, you can in the “Wild Card” Category.

Are eggs ok?

Yes, products may contain eggs except for the “Purely Plants” category which is vegan.

My product is not ready yet, can I still enter?

It depends how far you are from a finished product. You need to be able to provide us a sample (final recipe) by the end of April and provide us with full ingredients list and nutritional information by the end of March. Although we like to receive samples in their commercial packaging, this is not necessary for judging as all food products are removed from their packaging.

Products must be on sale by the 30th June (in store or online) or by the very latest the 18th September.

If your product won’t be on sale yet or if it’s in the latest phases of development you can enter it in the “Coming Soon category”.

Can I enter a dairy product?

Yes. There is a dedicated dairy category called “Dairy with a difference”. Your dairy product cannot contain any gluten or refined sugar. Please note that we only accept dairy into this category not products that “contain dairy”. Products that can enter include milk, yoghurt, kefir, whey powder, cheese, butter and ice-cream.

If your product contains dairy please enter it into the “Wild Card” Category.

My product contains milk powder. Is that ok?

Any product containing dairy can enter into our “Wild Card” Category. Unfortunately you cannot enter this product into bakes, snacks, ready meals etc.

We are re-branding or changing the packaging. Can we still enter?

Yes, as long as you can provide the necessary information about the product such as nutritional table, list of ingredients etc. The only consideration in case of a name change is the Public Vote – it needs to work with your timing. It can even be a great way to let people know about the new name.

Our product contains a small amount of refined sugar. Is this ok?

It depends on the product and the category you want to enter. Generally speaking, if the sugar is there for chemistry or to balance sharpness then yes. If it’s there to make the product sweet then, no.

Products that are typically permitted to have a small amount of sugar include fermented foods, tomato based sauces and soups, savoury bakes and crackers.

Please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help with individual questions regarding the sugar in your product.

When do we send the product for judging?

You will receive an email with a time-slot well ahead of judging that will tell you when and where to send your products and also how much to send. If we don’t receive your product by the end of your time slot we will pick up the phone and allocate you a new time slot.

My product contains organic unrefined sugar. Is this ok?

Yes. Unrefined sugar is permitted. Please find a full list of permitted sweeteners in our Full entry criteria.

Sugar is still sugar. Why are natural sugars permitted?

You are perfectly right. However, in our experience producers that choose natural or unrefined sugars tend to be more aware and conscious of not only quality but also of quantity. Some natural sugars also have some useful nutrients or have a lower GI or GL making it a healthier option.