What happens at the Nourish Awards Judging?


Unbiased judging by a panel of experts


  1. Judges are invited to judge the awards based on their professional expertise within the health food industry, nutrition and food manufacturing. We also invite other food industry experts and “consumer judges” who represent the potential consumer for each product. If you would like to be considered for judging the 2020 Nourish Awards  Apply to judge the Nourish Awards.
  2. Judges are allocated categories based on their individual expertise (eg. Child or Sports nutrition). We also take into consideration all dietary requirements and allergies (eg. coeliac or vegan). Any conflict of interest must be declared prior to judging, so judges cannot judge a category in which they have a product of interest (eg. client).
  3. Judging is blind. This means that products are presented to the judges without branding or packaging. The judges do not know who submitted the entry. This ensures fairness and judging without any bias. Brands are revealed to the judges on their request only after the judging session for that category is complete.
  4. The judges are given full nutrition information, the list of ingredients and other relevant information about each product. This is displayed next to each product and also available to the judges electronically.
  5. Judging happens category by category. All foods and drinks are tried and tested by the judges who rank the entries and give comments on each product. The Shortlist is created based on each individual product’s ranking. (eg. bottom 5 or 10, depending on the number of entries in that category does not make the shortlist). This will be decided by the judges for each category. This is followed by a discussion and the joint selection of the winners of that category.
  6. The judges award “Winner” (Best in the category); “Commended” (second place) and “Merit” (third place) in each category. Judges can select more than one Commended and Merit winners (or none) in each category and one Winner.
  7. Judging usually takes place over several days between May and July. For 2020 there are 7 allocated judging days. These are full days starting at 10am – 4pm and on each day the judges will try 50-60 food and drink samples. We also serve a light lunch.
  8. Special Awards judging takes place after the shortlist has been announced by a different panel of experts. It is a second round of judging for products that made the Special Awards shortlist for Innovation Award, Best Organic and Best Ethical product. This round is judged in full packaging as it’s an important part of the process (eg. plastic free packaging).
Sue Hay – CEO Thrive Magazine & Thrive Media

“I am more than happy to be involved in judging the Nourish Awards, it’s great to see a food awards that’s 100% authentic, and honestly judged. The amount of amazing new organic, free-from and healthy eating food brands coming through is brilliant and it’s a pleasure to be part of the process that awards these excellent brands.”


Elaine Godley – Master Wellness Coach, Author, Health Radio Host, Nutritionist and Behaviour Expert

“The Nourish Food Awards really are the toughest! I know because I had the honour of participating on the judging panel. Being a judge was a great experience, although I wasn’t expecting to work so hard! The amount of effort that goes into producing food that is refined sugar, dairy and gluten free with no additives which was well presented, tasty and nutritious, is exceptional. Every single one of the 200+ entries received detailed scrutiny and sometimes disagreement amongst the panel. The winners across all categories can be very proud of their achievement. I look forward to spotting the Nourish Awards logo on more quality items in the shops very soon.”