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    Winners Labels Order Form

    We have been hard at work in the past few months in order to secure a new label supplier while keeping cost down. We redesigned the labels slightly to suit the printing process better and they look stunning! They are guaranteed to catch the eye of consumers and will look great on any packaging.


    We are now able to offer foil labels to our winners at £12.40 + VAT / roll. Each roll comes with 1000 self adhesive labels.

    Labels are 25mm diameter.

    What can you order?

    On the form below you can order labels for 2021, 2022 and 2023. This includes Nourish Awards, Nourish Kids Awards, Supps Awards and Special Awards labels.

    Find the year of your win and select the correct labels from the drop-down. Add the number of rolls you need on the right. You can add more labels from the same year if you had more than one win that year.


    We order labels in batches in order to keep the cost down, so please note that your labels won’t be delivered right away.

    Order window 1 

    • March – May

    Last order on 5th May. Any orders placed after the 5th May will be ordered with the next batch in June or July.