Naomi Devlin – Gala Host

Naomi is a chef, nutritionist and author of two bestselling cookbooks: River Cottage Gluten Free and Food for a Happy Gut. She specialises in free from food, plant based eating and gut health, using wholegrains, fermentation and seasonal produce to make food that is comfortingly familiar, yet intriguingly different. Naomi teaches a range of courses at River Cottage in Devon, from gluten free and vegan cookery days to gut health and seasonal eating classes, that focus on easy, colourful dishes that make eating well a real pleasure. Her fun, educational style means that you laugh as much as you learn. She also runs a variety of small courses in London and the South West, on the art of fermentation. Naomi can often be found at food festivals across the country giving cookery demonstrations and tutored masterclasses. Check her website for more info and to see where she is teaching next.

“We loved the evening, Naomi Devlin was amazing and had us in stitches all evening.”


“I had a great time yesterday what a marvellous venue and the food was great too with great humour and resolve shown by the excellent MS Delvin.”


“Lovely to meet you last night, what a great evening! Looking forward to applying for next years, so we will see you then!”


“It was so beneficial for me to attend, a successful pitching, winning an award and massively inspiring speeches in a very relaxed environment where I was able to talk to a lot other producers and share honest experiences. “We all felt part of a community I am looking forward to next year event.”