We have great pleasure in introducing the 2022 Nourish Awards Sponsors & Partners!

Lead Event Sponsor


Nutritional Supplements

Our formulations are most advanced combinations nutritional science has to offer specifically designed to support wellness along with healthy & balanced lifestyle for a person, which is why we’ve always been led by nutritional research, science, and the power of formulations and its combinations offering Vegetarian Only formulations throughout our range and Vegan Friendly wherever possible.


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VEGAN Award Sponsor

ENSO Initiatives

Making your business more sustainable

ENSO helps artisan brands to benchmark and improve their sustainability performance and communicate it to customers who care.

At ENSO, we are on a mission to demystify sustainability and deliver a solution which adds value to businesses while making the planet and local communities better places.

ENSO is an online platform for businesses where they can create and implement their own sustainability strategy, track and verify their performance, and effectively and transparently communicate their sustainability activities and initiatives.

The global consumer is rapidly shifting their preference away from traditional brands to more sustainable and viable alternatives. With larger companies slower to respond, this is a real opportunity for purpose-driven brands and businesses to connect with these new customers.


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“Invivo is a microbiome life science company. Invivo design diagnostics and therapeutics to measure and modulate multiple human microbiomes that impact our health. Alongside this we provide comprehensive education to support understanding of the human microbiome and its role in health and disease. Our B Corp certification solidifies our commitment to sustainable business practice and for using our business as a force for good.”


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Nourish Event Sponsor


Meet the Buyer Events for Travel & Hospitality

After a career in airline catering, the visionary Heerum Fleary founded TickEat in 2015: a strategic business partner for food and beverage brands seeking to place their products in the travel, leisure, and hospitality industries via annual meet the buyer events.

Experts in delivering superb snacks, meals and drinks to the cabins and rooms of airlines, trains, cruise ships, ferries, and hotels, TickEat cultivates rewarding, long-term alliances with both buyers and sellers.

TickEat knows exactly where your product fits, thanks to years of commercial experience. Our smart strategizing and peerless knowledge pool is an asset to any business. Crafting bespoke service packages for every brand we work with ensures exposure is aligned with individual budgets. We sincerely believe in the products and the businesses we represent — it’s our passion and our lifeblood.

The TickEat team work tirelessly to procure ingredients and manufacturers, facilitate tenders and contracts, brand businesses beautifully, and build successful relationships that propel food and beverage companies to stratospheric heights.


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Award Sponsor

Scott Media

The journalist offering practical public relations

Fiona Scott has been a journalist for 30 years and set up her own media consultancy in 2008. She supports small businesses, individuals and not-for-profit organisations raise their profile through story telling in the media and online using words, images, animations and full video production. She works with associates who are all active in today’s media and offers a no nonsense and honest approach to PR and marketing.


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Award Sponsor

Visionary Food Solutions

UK Food and Beverage Consultants

At Visionary Food Solutions our team is your team, we work with brands who need commercial support to accelerate their business. Our team of experts become an extension to your team and company, whether you are an early-stage founder or a multi-national player with a desire to accelerate a channel entry or brand growth.

Why Visionary Food Solutions? We offer a diverse range of services, specialising in Foodservice, Retail and Director packages with a unique flexibility to best suit your companies needs and ambitions. With our network of contacts, we help you open doors and navigate the challenges of starting, scaling and managing a business. We’re here to support you and we’d love to able to grow together.


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Award Partner

The Food Marketing Experts

Marketing & PR

The Food Marketing Experts represents a collective of highly skilled senior marketing and PR professionals with an unrivalled knowledge of the sales and marketing tactics required to achieve success in the food and drink industry. With over 90 years’ combined experience and a formidable black book, we work seamlessly to provide marketing expertise to fatten up your sales and build your brand.

Whether you are a total newcomer to the sector or an established company looking to up the sales and marketing ante, we have an array of services which will help you achieve your goals.


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Free From Festival Logo

Award Partner

Free From Events

Free From Events are designed for people living their life ‘free from’ gluten, dairy or refined sugar and for businesses/producers of ‘free from’ products to meet and interact. The number of people developing intolerance is rapidly growing, but most whose lives are affected are also unaware of the available alternative options, we would like to change that.

At our Free From Festivals there is a diverse range of products to try and buy from refined sugar-free chocolate to gluten-free beer. With live music and cooking demonstrations, attendees can learn health-conscious cooking that doesn’t sacrifice on taste. Our events are the perfect opportunity for an enjoyable day out for ‘free from’ followers and their friends and family as well.”

2022 Events

Bristol 12th March
Please get in touch with Margarita directly at margarita@freefromfestival.co.uk  regarding upcoming events

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Award Partner

The Organic Trade Board

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) was established in 2009 with the clear vision of making organic an everyday choice, forever. As the UK independent and membership-funded organisation we bring the efforts of the organic industry together to collectively raise awareness and grow sales for organic. Members include farmers, certifiers, processors, brands, retailers, consultants, start-ups and more, and we all work together towards a unified industry to achieve our common goals.


Together we work on the ‘Nature has the answer’  consumer marketing campaign. During Organic September (and beyond) we celebrate everything organic (from food and drinks to textile and beauty) and the hard work and dedication that goes into working with nature, not against it. Now more than ever we are all seeking solutions to help restore nature, health and our climate and we believe that organic is one of the solutions.



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Award Partner


Sugarwise is a registered charity that works with a wide array of stakeholders including industry, caterers, and schools with the key objective of improving the food environment in the interests of public health. Sugarwise also operates the only audit and certification scheme for sugar-related nutrition claims referencing the World Health Organisation(WHO) guidelines. On top of manufactured product certification, Sugarwise also provides certification of ingredients, recipes, and catering companies. As well as advocates, educates, and campaigns to increase the availability, visibility, and demand for options low in free sugars.

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Award Partner


Innoveat was founded by Heerum Fleary in 2015, it is the UK’s largest virtual marketplace for food & beverage brands. Main purpose of Innoveat is to connect buyers across all sectors with new and innovative brands especially new start-ups. Innoveat is not just your average food expo, it publishes an annual catalogue to keep buyers abreast with innovation as well as monthly newsletters.


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