Oh For Food’s Sake – Interview with Diana Babics


    There are plenty of awards up for grabs when you work in the food industry, but none of them are quite like the Nourish Awards! On this episode of the Oh For Food’s Sake podcast, we’re talking to the Nourish Awards founder Diana Babics about where she got her inspiration from, what it takes to run an award that spans many chapters and categories and how she manages to taste all that delicious food!

    Diana tells us about her food journey and why she became interested in eating ‘free from’ food that was actually healthy. She talks about the early days of the Nourish Awards and what makes them different from all the other food awards out there. We dive into the behind-the-scenes logistics of running the awards and Diana also explains how she manages to keep the awards going, be a mum and still have time for herself.

    As passionate foodies, we loved recording this episode of the Oh For Food’s Sake podcast and we hope that you’ll enjoy listening to it too. If Diana’s story has inspired you to apply for a Nourish Award, or even to launch your own food product, then we’d love to know more. You can get in touch with us via Facebook or LinkedIn. Please do also share this episode with your fellow food industry workers to spread the word about the podcast.


    [1:58] Diana tells us about the very first Nourish awards

    [3:47] From finance to architecture to food: Diana’s varied background

    [11:07] Setting up the Nourish Awards

    [14:39] Why ‘gluten-free’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘healthy’

    [17:05] “It’s about the full package”: What makes the Nourish Awards different

    [21:47] Do the Nourish Awards judge own-label products?

    [27:48] Chapters and categories: The breakdown of the Nourish Awards

    [32:26] The many logistics of organising a successful food award!

    [43:02] What’s next for the Nourish Awards?

    [45:52] “My plan is to establish many Nourish Awards”

    [48:18] How Diana balances being a mum and running the Nourish Awards

    [50:22] “Get your entries in!” Diana’s message to listeners

    [51:05] How to get in touch with Diana

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