2018 Nourish Awards Partners

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Organic Trade Board

Organic Trade Board

The Organic Trade Board (OTB) has one mission: to grow organic sales in the UK. They are a membership organisation and represent over 75% of the UK organic market. Members include major retailers, indie retailers, processors, feed producers, veggie boxes, big and small brands, organic certifiers and publishers. In 2017, the OTB were awarded €10.4 million by the EU to run a three year campaign to promote organic food in the UK, in partnership with Organic Denmark – who are the world’s biggest consumers of organic food and drink.

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Web: https://www.organictradeboard.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/organicUK

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/organicuk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/organicuk

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Food 4 Media

Food 4 Media

Food4Media is the leading food and drink news service specifically for UK journalists. Established in 2005, the site connects the top PR professionals across the food and drinks world with top media. The site is a social network, connecting users and enabling PR managers of brands of all sizes to issue press releases, images, and videos; receive breaking ‘Journalist Alert’ requests from top media; and issue breaking ‘Updates’ to their networks.

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Web: https://www.food4media.com/

Twitter: https://www.food4media.com/