Diana Babics

    Nourish Founder – Award Director

    The Awards were founded by Diana Babics in 2018 – mum, foodie & entrepreneur. Diana is a coeliac and has been working in the free-from industry for a number of years as a marketer, influencer and free-from food expert. Her own journey with food, nutrition and through her work that she decided that a credible health food award was needed in order to recognise the new generation of amazing products we are seeing today as part of the “health revolution”. She is an experienced judge herself (Free From Food Awards, Free From Eating out Awards, Paleo Awards) speaker (London Allergy Show) and contributed many recipes over the years to various publications (Free From Heaven Magazine, Gluten Free heaven, The little rainbow book of recipes). Diana is passionate about healthy eating, nutrition and child nutrition; loves trying new foods and experiment with new ingredients. She lives in the Cotswolds and currently studying a Diploma course in Culinary Medicine.

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    “People often ask me why I started the Nourish Awards. It was the result of my personal journey with food and also my work in the free-from & marketing industry. My aim was to find the best products, by working with the best judges to provide that all-important recognition great businesses and products deserve. It’s my mission to play my part in a small way and help businesses to succeed!”
    – Diana Babics, Nourish Awards founder

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