Louise Joyce

    Nutritionist & Naturopath

    Co-Founder Invivo Therapeutics

    Board Advisor, Co Founder of Invivo Therapeutics and Australian trained Naturopath. With over 20 years in the health sector Louise has worked with some of the leading international practitioner nutraceutical company’s and has gone on to Co Found Invivo Therapeutics. Invivo Therapeutics is a B Corp Certified Supplement company focused on restoring human health through specialising in the human microbiome. Louise has a passion for community, connectedness and how they form foundations for health and happiness. It is together that we can truly positively impact sustainable health improvement.

    Qualification & Experience

    Naturopath. Graduated in 2001 in Australia
    Co-Founder of Invivo Therapeutics
    Over 20 years of international experience in Nutraceuticals and Functional Medicine

    Speaker Details
    Speaker Details