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    2023 Nourish Award Partners
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    Lead Sponsor – Nourish KETO Awards®

    SRSLY Low Carb

    SRSLY Low Carb was born just before Lockdown in 2019, soon after Andy Welch had bailed out of an unrelenting corporate life existence that had culminated in him collapsing on a work flight home.   Stuck in a dark space both mentally and physically, Andy decided that exercise was his best pathway to salvation, so signed up for his first Iron Man.   Such an ambitious sports goal meant reassessing one’s eating regime which was about the time Andy discovered keto.

    The only problem with keto was that Andy struggled to suppress his ‘bready love,’ a key reason why so many keto followers fall off the ketogenic path.  With incumbent keto breads tasting like chewy leather, Andy set out to create a range of bready goodies (breads, rolls, not cross buns, wraps, hot dog rolls, pizza bases….) that appeased both his taste buds and dietary goals.   Today SRSLY stands tall as one of the most diverse keto-friendly portfolios available and is a major voice within the UK’s blossoming ketogenic movement.

    N.B. 80% of SRSLY’s loyalist following is made up of consumers seeking to lose weight, whilst an overlapping 50% of brand diehards are working hard to keep Type 2 Diabetes in check. 

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    “Invivo is a microbiome life science company. Invivo design diagnostics and therapeutics to measure and modulate multiple human microbiomes that impact our health. Alongside this we provide comprehensive education to support understanding of the human microbiome and its role in health and disease. Our B Corp certification solidifies our commitment to sustainable business practice and for using our business as a force for good.”

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    Visionary Food Solutions

    UK Food and Beverage Consultants

    At Visionary Food Solutions our team is your team, we work with brands who need commercial support to accelerate their business. Our team of experts become an extension to your team and company, whether you are an early-stage founder or a multi-national player with a desire to accelerate a channel entry or brand growth.

    Why Visionary Food Solutions? We offer a diverse range of services, specialising in Foodservice, Retail and Director packages with a unique flexibility to best suit your companies needs and ambitions. With our network of contacts, we help you open doors and navigate the challenges of starting, scaling and managing a business. We’re here to support you and we’d love to able to grow together.

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    Making your business more sustainable

    ENSO helps artisan brands to benchmark and improve their sustainability performance and communicate it to customers who care.

    At ENSO, we are on a mission to demystify sustainability and deliver a solution which adds value to businesses while making the planet and local communities better places.

    ENSO is an online platform for businesses where they can create and implement their own sustainability strategy, track and verify their performance, and effectively and transparently communicate their sustainability activities and initiatives.

    The global consumer is rapidly shifting their preference away from traditional brands to more sustainable and viable alternatives. With larger companies slower to respond, this is a real opportunity for purpose-driven brands and businesses to connect with these new customers.

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    The Food Marketing Experts

    The Food Marketing Experts represents a collective of highly skilled senior marketing and PR professionals with an unrivalled knowledge of the sales and marketing tactics required to achieve success in the food and drink industry. With over 90 years’ combined experience and a formidable black book, we work seamlessly to provide marketing expertise to fatten up your sales and build your brand.

    Whether you are a total newcomer to the sector or an established company looking to up the sales and marketing ante, we have an array of services which will help you achieve your goals.