SRSLY Sponsors Nourish KETO Awards


    The Nourish awards, as anyone within the foodie fraternity knows are the ‘benchmark awards’ for nutritional integrity and ingredient prowess, providing ‘limelight moments’ for deserving brands looking to shake up their product categories with meaningful innovation and exciting category evolution.

    Today the Nourish award spotlight extends beyond their core awards to include accolades for game-changing vegan products, kid’s awards, supplements and perhaps most excitingly of all keto products.

    According to Nourish Awards founder Diana Babics, ‘As the most googled dietary regime in the world it was only a matter of time before the Nourish Awards shone a spotlight on this dynamic low carb eating rethink that is starting to make significant inroads within the UK.  With a greater than ever focus on health-conscious meal solutions and tackling the obesity and Diabetes Type2 epidemics head on, we wanted to launch an awards that brought to both food buyers & consumers attention, the amazing work being pioneered by a new wave of British-based Ketogenic heroes.  It was important to hit the ground running, which is why we approached SRSLY Low Carb and invite them to be an inaugural sponsor.’

    SRSLY certainly didn’t take much convincing!  ‘At SRSLY we are always on the lookout for like-minded partners and collaborations to help amplify the work we’re doing,’ explains SRSLY founder Andy Welch.  ‘Only by providing everyday affordable’ access to an array of ketogenic products can we truly enable this incredible eating regime to fly.   The democratization of a historically elitist category is pivotal to keto’s long-term success. As such, we are so proud to be Nourish’s inaugural keto award sponsor.’

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