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Susan Davis

Nutritional Therapist & Chef

Susan Davis studied Nutritional Therapy at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition. She has been practicing since 2009 is fully insured, a member of BANT and is registered with CNHC.

Susan provides consultations to clients with various health conditions. She has a special interest in working with clients with autism-related conditions, digestive problems allergy-related health conditions, and mental health. She believes it is important to research the root cause of health problems to be able to support each client individually.
She is a strong believer that ultimately diet plays a key influence in our health today.

An experienced and qualified chef, Susan has a keen interest in healthy eating and teaches cookery and fermentation classes for gut health and gluten-free baking in the local community.

Susan regularly writes about Turkish Cypriot foods and cooking and fermented foods and drinks. She has a special interest in traditional foods and cooking.