Terms of Entry – 2021 Nourish Awards

Timeline Nourish 2021

Entry phase: TBC

Judging: May-June | Shortlist announced: 30th June

Public Vote for People’s Choice Award: July – August

Nourish Awards Gala: TBC

Entry Fee: £95 / product

Entry criteria

List of categories and entry guide



Judges score each product, provide feedback, rank entrants according to their preference and choose the winners. The final results are a combination of these results.

Our judging panel includes expert nutritionists and nutritional therapists, chefs, free-from and food industry experts. Meet the judges


Eligibility Criteria 

  • Products must be naturally gluten free, however oats are permitted. Please note, that this is not a free-from award or allergy award, this restriction is in place because we don’t believe that refined glutenous grains are good for anyone however, if you have a small amount in your product or your product is not certified gluten free it’s fine. If you are in any doubt please get in touch team@nourishawards.org Please ensure you declare any allergen on your PIF as some of our judges and Nourish founder Diana are coeliac.
  • Dairy is now permitted in most categories however, we expect to see it used only where necessary – eg. milk chocolate, cheese, ghee
  • Products must be fully developed and in production.
  • All products entered must be on sale (at retailers or online) and available for purchase by the public in the United Kingdom by the 30th  June.
  • We reserve the right to move products into another category; split categories or combine them after entries have closed.


  • Each entry is for a single specific product and flavour, not for product lines and product ranges.
  • Companies may enter as many products as they like to each category.
  • Each product can enter into up to 3 categories.
  • Products previously entered into the awards can re-enter again.
  • Companies are responsible for sending the correct sample to the correct address.
  • No refund will be given to products that do not arrive on time; where incorrect product was sent or where sufficient samples are not provided. These products will not be judged.
  • All entry fees must be received by the organisers by the 10th April .
  • Products will be prepared according to the instruction on the retail packaging.
  • It is the responsibility of entrants to ensure that all samples sent are safe to consume and sent in chilled delivery (where required). The organisers reserve the right to discard any sample deemed to be unsafe to consume on arrival.
  • We cannot accept products that require specialist equipment to prepare such as pizza oven, dehydrator, coffee machine, BBQ etc. Permitted equipment are a conventional oven, microwave oven, blender, gas or electric hob and a kettle. Chilled and frozen items are permitted

If you have any question, require help with the categories or any assistance please get in touch with Wendy or Diana on 01666 817318 or email team @ nourishawards.org

Sugars and sweeteners that are permitted in all categories

Please note, that is not only the type of sugar that matters, but the overall sugar content too.

  • raw cane sugar, unrefined cane sugar, muscovado sugar
  • molasses
  • honey
  • maple syrup, maple sugar
  • dates, date sugar, date syrup
  • jaggery
  • dried fruit, fruit pure
  • evaporated cane juice
  • coconut sugar, coconut syrup
  • pomegranate molasses
  • monk fruit
  • lucuma
  • brown rice syrup
  • yacon syrup
  • agave syrup
  • xylitol
  • stevia
  • erythritol
  • sorbitol
  • maltitol
  • mannitol

Sugars and sweeteners that are not permitted (may enter into the “Wild Card” category or in those categories where “refined sugar” is permitted, please see each category for specification.)

  • white or brown refined sugar (small amounts permitted in exempt categories)
  • sucralose
  • aspartame
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • Acesulfame-potassium
  • any other refined sugars and artificial sweeteners.

If the sweetener or sugar you are using is not on any of the lists please do get in touch via email to team@ nourishawards.org